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GDC 2017: ‘Dandara’ Metroidvania From ‘Magenta Arcade’ Developer Works Well With Touch and Controllers

Long Hat House, the folks behind Magenta Arcade, are hard at work on their second game, Dandara. Revealed at the Nindies Showcase, the game was announced for Switch, but it is in fact being developed for pretty much every platform under the sun. That includes mobile, and it will also support he Switch. It’s also a perfect game for touch. It’s a Metroidvania, where you move around by launching yourself from safe area to safe area. You tap and drag on the right side of the screen in order to aim your movement, tapping and holding on the left side allows you to charge your shot up to fire in the direction you aimed at.

The game works quite fine onthe Joy-Con controller for the Switch, but this feels quite natural as a touchscreen game. You can quickly make your moves, and it feels quite natural to use touch gestures to maneuver and make your actions in the game. What’s interesting is that the game will support those touch controls on the Switch, so you can play in either form factor as you feel like.

Raw Fury is publishing Dandara, and right now the plan is for the game to hit as many platforms as possible at once, so hopefully you’ll be enjoying this one on mobile around if not shortly after the game releases on PC and console. Another game that Raw Fury is publishing Coffee Stain Studios demoed at an offsite event at GDC, shared with Raw Fury, is Huntdown. This fun, 80’s cyberpunk inspired run ‘n gun game is coming along quite well. You and a friend can run through levels, duck under cover, pick up sweet weapons, and just blast enemies to smithereens. It’s still planned for mobile, but expect the console and PC version to release first.

Update: Corrected information about Huntdown’s publisher.