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‘Dandara’ is a Slingshotting Metroidvania Coming to Mobile Later this Year

After thoroughly enjoying their unique shooter Magenta Arcade ($1.99) just over a year ago, developer Long Hat House has sent over information on their new upcoming game, and it’s looking spectacular. It’s called Dandara, and it’s a Metroidvania style action-platformer with fantastic pixel art and a made-for-touchscreen control scheme. You see, you’ll be slingshotting your heroine around using the familiar pull-back-and-let-go gesture popularized by games like Angry Birds. Check it out in action in this new trailer for Dandara.

There’s pretty much nothing about that trailer that I don’t like. We already knew that Long Hat House was quite adept at pixel art from Magenta Arcade, but Dandara takes things to a whole new level. The fact that this is the work of just a few people makes it all the more impressive. Dandara has immediately shot up to the top of my most wanted list, and it’ll be a long, impatient wait until it hits sometime in the fourth quarter of this year.