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Tencent’s Juggernaut MOBA ‘Arena of Valor’ is Launching Tomorrow in North America and Latin America

We’ve been following the progress of Tencent’s mobile MOBA Arena of Valor for some time now. The game has become an absolute phenomenon in China, boasting 200 million registered users and 80 million daily active players. The game, which is called Honor of Kings in the East, even drew the ire of the Chinese government who labelled it “poison" due to the amount of time people were spending playing it. It’s a big deal! After announcing this past July that it would be going global under the name Arena of Valor, it was originally slated for release in November. However, the date was pushed back to early 2018. Now, the Arena of Valor Twitter account has revealed that folks in both North America and Latin America won’t have to wait until next year to get their hands on the game after all as Tencent will be pushing the game live and opening up the servers in those regions tomorrow, December 19th.

Back when they delayed the November release date Tencent offered an apology in the form of increased pre-registration awards, and it’s not too late to head over to the pre-registration site and pre-register before the game’s rollout in North America and Latin America tomorrow. If you’re in Europe, well, the game already launched there back in August, so if you aren’t already playing it you’re a bit behind the curve. It’s never too late to jump in though! We’ll keep an eye on the App Store and once the game is officially available for download, we’ll give you a heads up with the link for Arena of Valor.