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Straightforward Space Shooter ‘Starfighter Neon’ Hits Steam Today, Testers Wanted for iOS and Apple TV Version

Top-down space shooters are a staple of the iOS platform since even before the App Store was officially around. With a genre that’s so well-trodden, most new games try to add in complexity and features to try and mix up the formula somewhat. Which is great of course, but there’s also something to be said for a straightforward, no nonsense space shooter, you know? That is the aim of Starfighter Neon from developer Michael Higgs aka MadeOfDinosaurs. Starfighter Neon proudly boasts no “epic settings, huge boss battles or an emotional story line" and promises that “it isn’t / won’t be free!" It’s weird we live in a world where a game not being free is a positive feature, but that’s mobile games in 2017 for you. Starfighter Neon will have no ads or IAP, just lots of glowy retro visuals and lots of enemies to blast to bits.

Starfighter Neon launched on Steam today for the paltry price of $1.49, which is 25% off its already absurdly low regular price of $1.99. I’d expect the iOS version to cost about the same. Speaking of the iOS version, MadeOfDinosaurs is working on that version as well as a version for the Apple TV right now, and is looking to gather some testers. If you’re interested in beta testing this one, head over to the thread in our forums for the details on how to sign up. Otherwise look for Starfighter Neon’s iOS and Apple TV versions to release in the very near future.