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Tencent’s MOBA ‘Arena of Valor’, or ‘Honor of Kings’ Has Launched in Europe

A few weeks back, we wrote about Tencent’s announcement that Honor of Kings, its huge MOBA hit, was finally breaking out of the Chinese borders and heading westwards. Today, that game has switched names to Arena of Valor and has launched in Europe on both iOS and Android. The game was already in soft launch in some stores as Strike of Kings, but this is the official launch in that territory. This MOBA has been huge, and it will be very interesting to see how it does in other markets. Arena of Valor uses the classic 3-lane maps of MOBAs like League of Legends, but it’s been made to work well on mobile. The matches usually last less than 10 minutes, which is good for players on the go. There are different modes including 5v5, 3v3, and even 1v1.

The game currently has 42 heroes that cover the usual spectrum of MOBA heroes (assassins, tanks, mages, warriors, etc) and, of course, more keep being added. The game’s website offers all kinds of tutorials and hero spotlights, so if you’re planning on diving in, that might be a good place to start getting to know the game better. The game is out on iOS and Android in Europe, and it should be coming to the US soon.