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‘Arena of Valor’ Apologizes for US Release Delay With More Pre-Registration Rewards

You know the saying about how every cloud has a silver lining? Well, that’s pretty much the case with Arena of Valor. If you remember, we were expecting the game to launch in the US this month, but, unfortunately, Tencent had to push the game back to 2018 in order to polish it and add new gameplay and social features. The delay is pretty unfortunate, especially since I know many of you were anxiously waiting to get your hands on what appears to be a great MOBA game with a ton of fun heroes. However, there is a bit of a silver lining here; to make up for the delay and for forcing players to wait for months before getting their hands on the game, Tencent is improving its pre-registration rewards.

Specifically, those already pre-registered will get the Fright Circus Mganga skin, and the longer they have to wait for release, the more rewards they’ll get. Those additional rewards might include the Sailor Butterfly skin, an Azzen’ka hero unlock, and a Taara hero unlock. So, the earlier you pre-register, the more rewards you’ll get. Patience is the word, then, and make sure to head over here and pre-register.