‘Hidden Folks’ Just Released on Android and the Big Content Update Is Live on iOS with a 25% Discount

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Hidden Folks ($4.99) is pretty damn great. The hand drawn hidden objects or folks in this case game is on a number of end of year lists on iOS. Imagine Where’s Waldo but on a touch screen with superb interactions and hand drawn art and you get Hidden Folks. To celebrate the holidays and the Android release from the looks of things, it is now 25% off on iOS. Read our glowing review of it here. Watch the original trailer for the game below:

Adriaan de Jongh announced an Android release and a big update to the iOS version with 3 new areas. Both of these are now live. If you’re an Android only user, Hidden Folks is finally live on Google Play. Check it out here. On iOS, the long awaited update with 3 new snowy areas is finally here. Check out the forum thread on Hidden Folks here.

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