Both ‘Demon’s Rise’ Games Updated for iPhone X, New Content Added

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Good news, fans of the turn-based strategy RPGs Demon’s Rise ($7.99) and Demon’s Rise 2 ($7.99). Both games have been updated for the iPhone X and the infamous notch, so if you have one of those newfangled devices, you should enjoy the games better now. The update has also continued to improve screen controls on both games, a process seemingly never-ending (which is not a bad thing). Updating a game for the iPhone X can be a bit of a pain, but I had no doubt Wave Light Games would get it done and fast given the developer’s habit of keeping the games up-to-date.

The update has also added some cool new stuff in Demon’s Rise 2. Specifically, the game now has a new character, the Stone Troll. This big, strong, and totally unattractive guy has regenerative and earth magic powers. He’s the second to last character to be added to the game, so expect the 20th and last one to hit the game in the near future. The update also fixed the usual bugs and tinkered with some of the enemies and allies in early campaign levels. Amazing how much love these two games have received over the years and still continue to do.

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