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‘Mad Skills BMX 2’ Soft-Launches in Select App Store Regions

Developer Turborilla first popped onto our radars in the mobile gaming world way back in January of 2011 when they released their popular desktop racer Mad Skills Motocross on iOS. I enjoyed the game very much back then for its nuanced physics system that allowed for highly competitive speedrunning. In August of the following year, they released their bike-focused spinoff Mad Skills BMX which retained the same great physics system and competitive elements but with more mobile-conducive gesture controls. Then in early 2014 they went back to their motocross roots with a proper sequel, Mad Skills Motocross 2, which continued the trend of taking everything great about the previous game and amping it up some more. Mad Skills Motocross 2 has lived a long, happy life since its release, retaining a passionate and highly competitive fanbase. That said, Turborilla is finally ready to move the needle once again and back in June they announced that Mad Skills BMX 2 was in the works. Here’s the official trailer.

It’s been about six months since that announcement, and Turborilla have taken the next step by soft-launching Mad Skills BMX 2 in select App Store regions. If you’re in (or have an iTunes account in) Australia, New Zealand, or Malaysia, you can give the game an early spin yourself using the link below. This new entry in the series brings with it full 3D visuals which allow for some pretty extensive character and bike customization. The core of the competitive stuff from Mad Skills Motocross 2 has made its way over, including the Weekly Jam tournaments and online competition against state, regional, and international players. New tracks will also be added weekly on top of the dozens of hand-crafted levels included in the initial release. It seems like fans of the previous games in the series have a whole lot to be excited about with Mad Skills BMX 2, so if you’re able to grab the soft-launch version from one of the countries listed then get busy downloading and stop by the forum thread for some discussion. Otherwise look for the official worldwide launch “in the next month or so" according to Turborilla.

Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia App Store Link: Mad Skills BMX 2, Free (by Turborilla)