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‘Mad Skills BMX 2’ In Development, Will Have Bosses and Tons of Gear

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Mad Skills BMX ($0.99) and Mad Skills Motocross ($0.99) by Turborilla were entertaining racing games with fun visuals and strong competitive play, and it looks like Mad Skills BMX 2 will be offering that and more once it comes out. We really liked the original BMX for its fun-yet-challenging gameplay and competitive features, although we felt that its dependence on Facebook for multiplayer really left many players outside of the party. Mad Skills BMX 2 appears to retain the same visual style and gameplay, although we would have to go hands on with it to know whether it controls as well as the previous versions.

The developers are adding bosses to the Career mode this time around, which will be loosely based off of characters from film and literature. And the game will have tons of gear and bikes. The game is coming soon to iOS and Android, although no date yet, and I’m curious to see the game’s monetization model.

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