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‘Unforgivable: Eliza’ Is an AR Detective Game With Award-Winning Author Ed Lin

Toii, a startup studio based in New and Taipei, is working together with Taiwanese American author Ed Lin, the first author to win three Asian-American Literary Awards, to bring an augmented reality geo-based game called Unforgivable: Eliza to mobile in 2018. The developers want to show players Taiwanese culture and history across time and space, so they’ll have locations to be explored in both New York and Taipei, Taiwan, with players exploring different locations to chase down criminals and accomplish missions. The game’s visuals are pretty cool, and the whole idea sounds promising, especially since the story of the game should be good given who’s behind it.

In the game you play as Danny, a 27-year-old NYPD detective, and you follow the evidence to find out the truth about your grandfather’s death during the White Terror in Taiwan (a period of martial law that lasted for almost 40 years). Players will have to explore locations as they try and figure out who Eliza is and why she’s unforgivable. I’m curious to see how the geo-location part of the game will play out; I hope it will work out well because the game has potential. Expect Unforgivable: Eliza to hit in 2018.