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OrangePixel’s Post-Apocalyptic Open-World Adventure ‘Ashworld’ Submitted to Apple and Launching Early December

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about OrangePixel’s open-world adventure Ashworld, which isn’t all that surprising as the game is much more ambitious than the studio’s usual platforming and action games, which have typically had a fairly quick development cycle. No, Ashworld is a much beefier type of game, and following its original announcement last December followed by a teaser trailer in January OrangePixel has had their nose to the grindstone finishing up the game in the 11 or so months since. This all culminated in the game officially launching on Steam a bit over a month ago, and since that time I’ve been wondering what the status was of the mobile version. Today I have my answer as OrangePixel has tweeted that Ashworld has been sent off to Apple for approval, and it should be arriving on the App Store in early December. Here’s the game’s launch trailer.

As you can see, Ashworld takes place in a big open world from a top-down perspective, but every single building is able to be entered and once you do things switch to a more OrangePixel-like side-view platformer. It’s also interesting that one of the main goals of Ashworld was to create a big open world game experience that could be easily played in short bursts, offering numerous types of missions and things to do so that no matter how much time you spend with the game you’ll feel like you’ve done something meaningful. Based on the positive reviews on Steam it seems like they’ve achieved that goal and it should translate especially well as a mobile game. I know I’m anxious to get my hands on it, so if that also describes you then look for the mobile version of Ashworld to arrive in about a month’s time and hit up the game’s forum thread for some discussion in the meantime.

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