‘Monument Valley 2’ Is Finally Available to Download on Android for $4.99

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Whether you’re reading articles on a dedicated mobile gaming website, or talking about newfangled smartphone applications with your elderly relatives, the Monument Valley ($3.99) series surely needs no introduction. After achieving literal world domination of both the mobile gaming scene and popular culture through rave reviews and a House of Cards cameo, ustwo’s artistic puzzle title made people take notice of the App Store as a place for serious, boundary-pushing releases – and inspired numerous imitations along the way. At Apple’s WWDC 2017 keynote, the long-awaited follow-up Monument Valley 2 ($4.99) was announced out of nowhere, and predictably flew up the charts to become a huge success. However, one of the most common questions amongst our community has been when the Android version of the game will rear its head. Thankfully, after many months of waiting, Monument Valley 2 is finally available to download on the Google Play store for $4.99.

In the unlikely case that you need a review to convince you to download Monument Valley 2, the treacherous Carter Dotson gave the game a glowing recommendation in his write-up back in June. My own personal hot take is that although the game doesn’t have that same impact that the original had, it’s still an essential download for anyone looking to experience a true work of art on their iPhone or Android device. In many ways, it feels slightly unfair to criticise the game based on how it compares with the first Monument Valley title, but if anything this just emphasises the unequivocal impact that the original had on mobile gaming. It’s nice to see such a high-profile game reach an even larger audience, so if you’ve been gazing longingly at Monument Valley 2 from your Android phone, be sure to download the title on the Google Play store today.

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