‘Fruit Ninja’ to Become 3 Board Games, Hopefully Won’t Come With Knives

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Fruit Ninja (Free) is easily one of the most recognizable mobile games in the history of the platform, and now it’s getting ready to transform into 3 board games. The creator of the board games, Lucky Duck Games, reviewed many different prototypes before deciding to go with Card Master, Slice & Dice, and Combo Party. The main criteria for choosing which three to go with were the games being unique, fast to play, and fun and accessible, just like Fruit Ninja. Card Master will have players building decks in real time and looks the closest to the mobile game, and Slice & Dice has players rolling dice at the same time to again capture the frantic nature of the mobile game.

The Kickstarter campaign has almost reached its target on day one, so the developers should have the money they’ve asked for and should be able to deliver (although with Kickstarters, there’s always a doubt). Overall, the board game versions of Fruit Ninja look like they will be fun, so if you’re one who likes the mobile game or just enjoy the theme.

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