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‘Gundam Battle’ Releasing in China this Year, Worldwide in 2018

Bandai Namco Shanghai and KingNet are partnering up on a new mobile action title based on the Gundam universe, and it has just successfully completed a closed beta test in China and is looking to release worldwide early next year. The game is called Gundam Battle and it features an open-world design where you’ll run around battling other players using a variety of the iconic Mobile Suits found in the nearly 40 year old franchise. While not in English, the following trailer for the closed beta that just occurred will give you a glimpse at what Gundam Battle is like in action, and personally I’m thinking it’s looking rather cool.

It’s not clear how many modes and features will be included in the final version of Gundam Battle, but for the closed beta test there were three main modes. The Story Mode and Arena Mode are pretty self explanatory, but what sounds really interesting is the Team Battle Mode. Here you can team up with two other players to take on boss battles together. The bosses featured in Team Battle are much more difficult than their Story Mode counterparts, and you’ll only be able to take on one boss battle per day in this mode, so you better make it count. Gundam Battle will be officially launching in China before the end of the year, and should make its way to the rest of the world at some point in 2018.