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‘Terra Battle 2’ Releases in North America and Japan on September 21

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Terra Battle 2 from Hironobu Sakaguchi and Silicon Studio finally has a release date. This date isn’t just for Japan leaving us all with a big question mark because it is getting a simultaneous release in Japan and North America. No word on Europe or any other region right now though. Having recently done pre-registration the wait to finally play it will soon come to an end. Terra Battle is pretty good and you can check out our review of it here. The sequel promises to be bigger and better and will also release on PC at a later date. Check out the brand new trailer for Terra Battle 2 below:

Terra Battle 2 will release on the App Store and Google Play on September 21st. To celebrate this, Terra Battle will get a new Class Z character from Terra Battle 2 Haruhikari has been designed by Kimihiko Fujisaka and will be available from 5 PM PDT on September 20th. There will be 4 energy per day given extra in addition to the login bonus from the same time until October 4th at 4:59 PM PDT. Terra Battle 2 will feature 50 chapters in the story mode, tactical combat, co-op raid mode, deep customization, and more. Check out our forum thread for the first game here.

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