Come Watch the Apple Keynote as the New iPhone X is Revealed

Today is the day, and we’re mere moments away from Tim Cook and friends taking the stage to reveal this year’s new iPhones. For better or for worse, it would seem that practically everything to do with the new iPhones has been leaked to the rumor mill. Our sister site MacRumors has put together a massive roundup detailing absolutely everything that we know about today’s announcement. If you read it, you’ll see that we’re likely all going to be watching the keynote for any weird little snippet that might not have already been leaked. Who knows, there might be some surprises in there. Anyway, streaming the keynote is as easy as ever.

The best way to do it is just by downloading the Apple Events app on your Apple TV, and then just watching it from there. Alternatively, on your iOS device, Mac, or PC using the Microsoft Edge browser (which seems like a strange requirement) you can stream it directly as well by visiting this link. We’ll all be watching along too, and posting any stories of major developments, but feel free to either hop in our Discord or comment on this story with any reactions you have as you watch with us.