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Check Out Some ‘Sonic Mania’ Fun Facts in New Video from “Did You Know Gaming?”, Featuring a TouchArcade Cameo!

Earlier this month, Sonic Mania debuted on consoles with the PC release set for tomorrow, and although it’s never been officially announced we do maintain hope that the game will eventually arrive on mobile someday too. Many of the folks behind Sonic Mania were directly responsible for the excellent remastered versions of Sonic The Hedgehog (Free), Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Free), and Sonic CD (Free), which are all available on mobile, so it seems within the realm of possibility that the game could make its way to the touchscreen. With that in mind, I posted my first impressions of the Nintendo Switch version of Sonic Mania and it’s pretty clear that I’m absolutely in love with the game. And, just to continue to hammer the point home, I’m game to post about Sonic Mania here on TouchArcade whenever the heck I can. In this particular case though, there actually is a direct link to TA and this latest video from the YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming? which takes a neat look at some fun facts behind The Blue Blur’s latest adventure.

Yep, you definitely caught a glimpse of our beloved website when they were talking about the history of the Sonic CD remaster as we were the first website to publicly post about the video of the prototype Christian Whitehead had been trying to pitch to Sega. Does this mean I’m trying to say that TA is responsible for making the Sonic CD remaster a reality? Well, I might not go THAT far, but I’m sure it certainly helped way back in 2009! Whitehead and Co. are mainstream celebrities in the world of Sonic now, and can credit themselves with creating a real deal mainline Sonic game and one of the best reviewed games in the series in decades. At this point they probably don’t need any help on our end for exposure, but I’m going to continue to bang the Sonic Mania on mobile drum just on the off chance Sega hears our cries (and let’s not forget about that Sonic 3 & Knuckles remaster, either). If you enjoyed the above video, be sure to check out the rest of the Did You Know Gaming? channel as it’s a veritable treasure trove of cool facts about all aspects of gaming both past and present, and if our dreams should ever come true and Sonic Mania does get officially announced for mobile at some point you can bet I’ll be bringing you the news the moment it hits.