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‘Bad North,’ a Tower Defense/Total War Mix, Looks Great and is Coming in 2018

The King is dead and the Vikings are invading. The Prince and Princess must set aside sibling squabbles, drive back the marauders, and set the kingdom to rights. That’s the premise of a very cool looking game under development for several months now but until today, remained nameless. Bad North will be a single-player, real-time strategy game set in a land of warbands and raiding Vikings. A cross between tower defense and Total War, you’ll have to defend your territory by beating back waves of enemy ships and warriors. As you defeat them you’ll earn gold and experience with which you can upgrade your warriors to better take down more enemies. Oh, yeah, and it looks great.

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In Bad North the game environment will shift as you play. It’ll start out as a nice peaceful island but soon become filled with the detritus of war—dead warriors, broken ships, and so on. Morale will also play a part as emboldened soldiers will take pot shots at foes and go berserk and others will step back for a breather if things get too heavy.

The game sounds very ambitious and already looks great. Bad North is targeting a 2018 release on PC, consoles, and mobile devices. You can head over to their website to sign up for updates and check out some other cool GIFs and images.