Mobile MOBA ‘Planet of Heroes’ Gets Big 2.0 Update with New Heroes and More

TouchArcade Rating:’s Planet of Heroes (Free) MOBA finally launched worldwide back in March. It went through lots of open and closed beta testing and through a soft launch prior to making its way to every App Store region. and Fast Forward Studio have released a huge new update to it today and this brings it to version 2.0. If you aren’t familiar with it, Planet of Heroes is a one lane MOBA where matches take around 7 minutes. There is both PvP and PvE with a full campaign and tons of unlocks. The 2.0 update includes two new heroes, unique monsters, better customization and more. Checkout the video below showcasing the update:

Of course any big update for a MOBA is bound to include balancing and optimization fixes and there are plenty of those here. The other big content addition is the Jungle Zone for Battle Arena. The introduction of Sparks let you strategise based on the situation in the Arena. The new heroes, Eizo & Khan’ley are quite different to the heroes already available with their high risk high reward gameplay. It has been nice seeing this MOBA evolve ever since it soft launched. Planet of Heroes is available for free on the App Store. As always, you can read more about the mobile MOBA or discuss it in our forum thread for it.

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