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‘Dereliction,’ an Upcoming Squad-Based RTS, Shows Promise and is Looking for Demo Testers in Our Forums

Dereliction is an upcoming real-time strategy game where you take command of a squad of space-based mercenaries. Your job is to find derelict vessels floating in space and clear them of hostiles so salvage operations can commence. The game is about clearing just such a vessel from an infestation of aliens who are none too pleased to get their eviction notice. The Dross are insect-like aliens that spawn like crazy near the power core of the dying spacecraft. When your team arrives, however, they will wake up plenty fast and you’ll have a fight on your hands.

Gameplay will be squad-based combat where you clear and advance one airlock at a time. It’s you and five mercenaries by your side. Going from room to room will provide a chance to rest, recover, and reload before you move on to the next—probably more sizable—challenge. The ultimate objective is to get from one side of the derelict to the other to recover the command center and return power to the derelict.

When done well, squad-based RTS games are a heck of a lot of fun. Dereliction certainly looks like it is on track to deliver just that. There are a lot more images, videos, and GIFs in our forums—frequently added by the developer. A first-level demo is also nearly complete and you can sign up to check it out there.