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‘TauCeti Unknown Origin’ is a Stunning New FPS from BadFly Interactive, Makers of the ‘Dead Effect’ Series

BadFly Interactive made a name for themselves with their 2013 first-person shooter Dead Effect, which is sadly no longer available due to it being published by BulkyPix and them going out of business. Anyway, Dead Effect was awesome in the way it blended straightforward run ‘n gun shooting with horror elements, making for a creepy and satisfying experience. Its sequel Dead Effect 2 (Free) took those ideas and expanded on them in every way with far more variety and an emphasis on an RPG leveling system, and it received quite a bit of new content following its release in the fall of 2015. Dead Effect 2 was also ported to Mac and PC desktops and the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and with all of that now out of the way BadFly has started up on a brand new FPS project titled TauCeti Unknown Origin. It’s still a work in progress but already the teaser trailer for the game is looking quite stunning.

In TauCeti Unknown Origin you’ll play a hero whose spaceship (the ESS Meridian, a nod to the ship in Dead Effect 2) malfunctions and is on a crash course. You snag the only escape pod available and launch yourself onto a planet known as TauCeti, which has also been referenced in previous Dead Effect games, and now it’s your job to figure out the secrets of this planet and its ancient civilization as well as keep yourself alive and find your way home. While the Dead Effect games both went multiplatform following their mobile releases, it sounds like TauCeti Unknown Origin is targeting consoles and PC first, and the features sound like they’re based around that. It will be a class-based game with cooperative play for up to 8 players and include solo, group and raid content. There will also be a heavily story-driven single-player campaign which will be a follow up of sorts to the previous Dead Effect games. No word yet on when TauCeti Unknown Origin will be releasing but based on how great it’s looking even at this early stage you can bet it’s one we’ll be keeping a close eye on.