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Upcoming Real-Time Strategy Game ‘Dereliction’ Gets a New Trailer

Back in early August we checked out an upcoming sci-fi real-time strategy game called Dereliction which centered around a team of soldiers who would board derelict spacecraft that have been overrun by alien bug-like creatures and clear the little goobers out so they could get the ships back in working order. It sounded like a pretty cool premise for a game and the early screenshots also looked promising. Well, work has continued on Dereliction in the months since then and today the developer has released a brand new trailer showing an up-to-date version of the game in action.

The way that the alien enemies march in waves through the crevices and hallways of the ship gives me a tower defense-ish vibe, similar to how the recent Iron Marines blended elements of real-time strategy and tower defense. It looks very cool. I also really like the more tactical overlay shown later in the trailer that you can switch onto the overhead view to get a really clear indication of what’s going on. If you’re liking the look of Dereliction too then you can follow along with the game’s forum thread where the developers are posting updated info practically daily, and we’ll give you a heads up when this one is ready for release.