No ‘Touchstone Tavern’ ‘Hearthstone’ News Roundup This Week

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Hello everyone. I hope you’ve been enjoying all your Hearthstone (Free) playing and all the card reveals we’ve been getting. Normally, today is the day we post our Touchstone Tavern news roundup; however, due to some crazy stuff happening during the weekend, we won’t be publishing one this week. I will still post some Knights of the Frozen Throne videos to keep you entertained until we return next week with all the craziness that will be post-release Hearthstone. If you weren’t keeping a close eye on Hearthstone news last week, you probably missed all the card reveals that happened (close to 100 of the expansion cards have been unveiled), so the various review videos below will keep you in the loop and help you start theorycrafting new decks. So, my apologies again for the lack of a news roundup, and I will see you all next week.




Kripp’s Frozen Throne Card Review

Blizzard Shows Off Death Knight Hero Cards

Shadowreaper Andruin Is Good

Trump Reviews Frozen Throne Cards

Valeera the Hollow Spotlight

Deathstalker Rexxar Spotlight

Thijs Reviews Frozen Throne Cards


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