Turn-Based Puzzle Adventure ‘Eden: Renaissance’ is Now Available

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Back in early May developer TheLastKind announced a beautiful new turn-based puzzle adventure called Eden: Renaissance and put out a call for beta testers. The game had a very similar vibe to Square Enix Montreal’s award-winning Lara Croft GO ($4.99), but had a larger emphasis on story that included more than 30 minutes of cutscenes. The story follows a young archeologist named Ran who teams up with an otherworldly being named Eden who has a number of special abilities which will allow you to solve each of the game’s 100+ levels. After announcing early last week that the game would be coming out at some point this month, last night Eden: Renaissance ($3.99) indeed popped up in the App Store.

There are already some impressions to be found about Eden: Renaissance from players in our forums, and for the most part I’d say the reception to the game has been fairly positive. Some folks have noted that Eden draws perhaps too closely from Lara Croft GO, but for my money there’s worse things than being compared to one of the App Store’s best ever games. I’ll need to spend more time with it myself before drawing my own conclusions, but if you’ve been watching for this one for the past couple of months you can grab Eden: Renaissance for the premium, no IAP price of $4.99 from the link just below and if you do pick it up then be sure to drop by the forum thread to add your own thoughts to the mix.

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