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The Impressive ‘Eden: Renaissance’ Is Looking for Beta Testers

If you like games like Lara Croft GO, you should probably take a look at Eden: Renaissance, an upcoming game looking for testers in our Upcoming Games forum. Eden is an adventure puzzle game that will have you playing over 100 challenging levels as you try to help Ran, a young archaeologist, discover what the developer calls “the best kept secret of human history." The story also includes an unknown alien race, and you’ll be able to befriend one of them and have it help you make it through the various levels. This alien creature can control natural elements, and it will be able to help you melt ice, manipulate the wind, set or put out fires, petrify enemies, and much more.

The game is close to being done, but the developers still want some players for a short beta test to help them test the collection system. The developers haven’t yet opened the game up for beta testing, but that should happen soon. The game will be submitted to Apple at the end of this month and will be premium. An Android version is planned as well, but that will come later on. Check out our forum thread for more info and screenshots.