Huge New Update Coming for Sunnyside’s Stylish Shooter ‘Towaga’, and ‘The Firm’ Has Received 64-Bit Support Too

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This comes straight from my “Wanted to Post Last Week but Didn’t Have Time" file, but it’s still worth mentioning that Sunnyside Games have a BIG update coming for their extremely stylish arcade shooter Towaga (Free) and last week they also updated their excellent stock-trading twitch game The Firm (Free) for the coming 32-bit Appocalypse. First up is Towaga which launched way back in January with fantastic visuals and animation and core gameplay that was solid but felt like it needed to be fleshed out just a bit more. This forthcoming update, called the New Moon update and detailed by Sunnyside in our forums, looks to address that by adding unlockable Masks and Outfits which each give special abilities to your character, new enemy types, new bosses, an in-game perk and spell upgrade system, and TONS more. Oh, and of course the much-requested iPad support is in this update too. Check out these animated .gifs from the new version of Towaga; the top one shows the new Bump special move and the bottom shows the UI for selecting your Masks and Outfits.

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View post on imgur.com

As mentioned, there’s tons of new stuff in the New Moon update, so be sure to check out the developer’s post in our forums for the full rundown. While no release date has been set just yet for the update, Sunnyside does mention that this won’t be the last update for Towaga so if you enjoyed the game when it originally came out like I did but just wanted it to have more, you should have quite a bit to look forward to. Also as mentioned at the start of this post Sunnyside’s previous release The Firm received an update last week which added 64-bit support as well as some welcome difficulty tweaks, new music, new company titles, and some additional bug fixing. Like Towaga, Sunnyside says there’s still more updates in the works for The Firm too, which is always good news. We’ll keep an eye out for a release date for the New Moon update and will let you know when it drops.

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