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‘Missile Command’ and ‘Solitaire’ Mashup ‘Missile Cards’ Launching this Week

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Do you like single-player card games like Solitaire but wish they had more explosions and stuff? Then developer Nathan Meunier’s Missile Cards is for you. Released on desktop a couple of months ago, Missile Cards has you defending a city from incoming attacks by playing a card game, and the concept seemed like it would be such a great fit for mobile that our own now departed Carter Dotson bugged the developer enough on Twitter that he decided to bring it on over to mobile. He MAY have been planning that anyway, but don’t burst Carter’s bubble, ok? About a month later, a beta test kicked off for Missile Cards, and here we are just about a month removed from that and the game finally has an official release date: This Wednesday, June 28th.

Missile Cards will arrive this Wednesday as a Universal app for a price of $2.99. The game will feature 5 different bases/decks to play, plus the ability to earn XP while playing and upgrade those bases. There are special cards to unlock, lots of different weapon types to use, and the developer himself promises an extremely difficult challenge to really test your strategy card game/missile defending prowess. If you’re interested in the process of bringing Missile Cards from desktop over to mobile, Meunier has recorded a short dev diary video on the process, which you can check out for yourself on his Youtube channel. Otherwise look for Missile Cards to arrive in just a short couple of days.


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