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‘Missile Cards’ is Like a Solitaire Card Game Take on ‘Missile Command’, Coming to Mobile Soon

Recently, Nathan Meunier released Missile Cards on PC. This game is a combination of a singleplayer solitaire card game with Missile Command, essentially. It seemed like a really cool concept. As such, some people, who shall remain nameless, have pestered Meunier to release the game on mobile. Well, good news: the pestering was successful, and Meunier has confirmed a mobile release for Missile Cards.

The concept seems really fascinating, as combining the AP system and the intricacies of a solitaire card game with the strategy necessary in a missile defense game seems like a genius combination. Like, how was this not already a notable game? Meunier is a visionary genius, clearly. There’s five different decks to take on, and a high level of difficulty to take on, too. I’m excited to see this come to mobile, and you should get on in the forum thread to chat about this one.