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‘Missile Cards’ Beta Now Open For Signups

Nathan Meuneier’s Missile Cards for iOS is coming along well, and it is time for beta testing to open up. Starting today and running through May 30th, you can sign up through this web form in order to sign up for the beta. You can provide a different email than your contact email – though with Testflights, the email you receive the invite at can be different from your iTunes store email, so you can receive notification updates at the email you actually use.

Missile Cards is like a combination of singleplayer card games with Missile Command, where you’re trying to fend off incoming falling objects by playing your cards right. Literally. It seems like a perfect fit for iOS, and if the beta goes well, expect a late June release. And Meunier has expressed an interest in more card games, so if this does well on iOS…there may just be more to expect!