CBS’ ‘Candy Crush’ Game Show Trailer Out, Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Fun at It

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A few months back we talked about Candy Crush (Free) becoming a TV game show, and a few weeks back we heard that Mario Lopez, of Saved by the Bell, was going to present it. Jimmy Kimmel was able to read Mario Lopez’s mind, and he re-did the TV game show’s trailer with a bit more honesty at the end, so make sure you watch the whole video below. We shouldn’t be surprised that Candy Crush will become a TV game show since the brand has been stepping outside the world of mobile gaming for some time now (including sponsoring the big Coachella party this year). And with most mobile gamers at least knowing—if not actually playing—Candy Crush on their phones, the game show has a ready-made audience.

As you can see from the trailer, the game show will take place in a huge arena with huge screens. It will, of course, be all about matching the right candy, but I’m hoping we have a bonus level where you have to sell your car to have enough money for the necessary IAPs. The game show will go live next month on CBS.

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