‘Candy Crush’ To Become a Live Action Game Show

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For better or worse, Candy Crush (Free) is probably the go-to game many mention when they want to distinguish between people who play games and “gamers." And it’s true to a degree since Candy Crush has been extremely popular with people who don’t usually play games on their mobile phones. Now, King has decided to turn Candy Crush into a TV game show in order to draw even more players into the game and, of course, make the title even more mainstream than it already is. The TV show will be one-hour long and will look as if Candy Crush has come to life. Teams of two will have to use their wits but also their agility and strength to compete on an enormous game board featuring pretty advanced tech.

The game show, which will be on CBS, could be quite fun because Candy Crush has easy to follow rules and is colorful enough to make for good TV. We don’t know who the host will be or when the game show will air, but it will be interesting to see the audience’s reaction. And I really hope there are IAPs when a team loses; it will be more realistic that way. If Candy Crush‘s transition to TV is successful, I can see other franchises following suit. Any preferences for which?

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