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Cold Beam Games’ ‘Martial Arts Brutality’ Enters Early Access on Android

Cold Beam Games earlier this year announced their new asynchronous multiplayer card brawler Martial Arts Brutality. And there’s good news if you’re on Android: the game has just gone into early access on Google’s platform. While cards play an important role in Martial Arts Brutality, the game is not your typical CCG, no. Instead, cards you deploy into battle will serve as attack gestures that you have to make. Attacks can target certain portions of your opponent, and you can utilize attacks that are more damaging than others. But, because you have to draw gestures in order to pull off the attacks, there’s a risk to the more damaging ones, as if you screw up, they miss. Also, it’s possible to defend attacks, but the more damaging ones are harder to defend.

It’s an interesting experience, and one that should be worth diving into a bit more to see how Cold Beam pulls off this sort of card combat game. If you’re on Android, and can contend with a few bugs here and there (as is customary for an early access game…especially on Android), then you can check it out right now.