‘Phobos Children’ is an Interesting Take on the Action-Puzzler, Out Now

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We wrote about the beta for Phobos Children (Free) earlier this year, and thanks to our community, developer Mirai-Labo has just released the game in the US, Spain, and Japan after a debut at Tokyo Indie Fest. The studio, consisting of three Spanish ex-pats and one Japanese member, all based in Tokyo, call this game a “chain-action RPG" and it’s an interesting take on a sort of puzzle RPG. Pieces fall from the sky, and you have to tap them in sequences of three of the ssame color to attack enemies. Pieces that fall to the bottom hurt your characters, but you have special abilities that can help turn the tide on your opponents.

The gameplay has an interesting flavor to it, and it’s centered around a traditional Japanese F2P game structure, not unlike Puzzle and Dragons (Free). Meaning, there’s character collection, missions, events, and so forth. This one could prove to be some fun in the long run. If you’re playing, check out our forum thread for the game.

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