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‘Prison Architect: Mobile’ Coming This Spring, New Trailer Released

If you’ve been itching to get your hands on Prison Architect: Mobile and haven’t been able to play the soft-launched version yet, all you need is a bit more patience because the game is scheduled to launch globally at some point this Spring. Given that we’re already in May, Prison Architect: Mobile should be launching pretty soon. For those unfamiliar with Prison Architect, the game has you building your own maximum security prison and filling it with all kinds of inmates, ranging from the quiet ones to the murderous ones. In addition to the normal mode where you build a prison, the games comes with an escape mode where you have to get out from the prisons you’ve designed (the prisons of your own mind if you will).

As you can see from the latest trailer, the game brings all kinds of mayhem and hilarity to your tablet, and I say tablet because the game will release only on iOS and Android tablets. As players in our forums have pointed out, there’s too much going on to fit on a phone screen. If you don’t have the patience to wait until its full release, you can check out the soft-launched version here, and if you don’t have a Netherlands Store account, use our guide to get one.