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The Puzzle-Action RPG ‘Phobos Children’ Is on the Hunt for Beta Testers

phobos-puzzle-optimizedChalk this game up as something we missed working insane hours during the our end of the year pre-iTunes freeze insanity, but, hey, better late than never right? The upcoming puzzle-action RPG Phobos Children has been on the hunt for beta testers on our forums for a few weeks now. Forum member Tychaeus has some pretty detailed first impressions on the game which looks a bit like a rhythm game but what you’re actually doing is tapping series of three individual similarly colored orbs which then powers up the character that corresponds to that color which results in attacking whatever enemy you’re facing off at the time. You don’t have the luxury of waiting around for the perfect chain to appear, as orbs are slowly descending towards the bottom of the screen, so you’ve got to form a fast-paced strategy to make what you’ve got access to at that particular time turn into a huge attack. The payment model is said to be similar to Puzzle & Dragons (Free), which loads of people are already familiar with (and don’t seem to have a problem with).

Take a look at the trailer:

Swing on over to the forum thread if this looks like something you’d like to try. They haven’t had a ton of traction in our community, which I’m guessing is because they announced their beta when there was a million things happening at the end of the year. If you join in, you’ll get a special character when the game actually launches, which sweetens the deal if you’re into the whole exclusive pre-launch items thing.