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First ‘DISTANT’ Gameplay Trailer Revealed and It’s Looking Stunning

During GDC this past March, we met up with the folks from Alto’s Adventure ($4.99) developer Built By Snowman to check out an early look at Alto’s Odyssey as well as the many games they’re collaborating with other developers on, like Skate City, Where Cards Fall, and DISTANT. Unfortunately, they weren’t ready to show any of that stuff publicly at the time, so I pretty much just had to sit on my fantastic experience with several of the most anticipated upcoming mobile games. It’s very hard to get excited about a game and NOT shout it from the rooftops! Anyway, there’s a method behind all this madness, and today Built By Snowman and developer Slingshot & Satchel are finally ready to take the wraps off their stylish upcoming platformer DISTANT, which was initially teased back in late November of last year. Check out the first look at DISTANT in action.

Here’s the description of DISTANT from the blog post revealing this new trailer:

Sun-drenched and placid above the surface, with an ancient darkness lurking beneath, this world is just one of the many you’ll traverse as you unravel DISTANT’s secrets. What are the giant beasts lumbering in the distance? Who is the powerful cloaked traveler you’re guiding? And what exactly are those glowing, ethereal shards?

Some questions are better left unanswered, for the time being.

Ugh, so mysterious! I love it! The above gameplay trailer was actually first revealed late last month during the inaugural Tribeca Games Festival, which is a gaming-centric spinoff of the wold famous Tribeca Film Festival. As alluded to in the quoted description above, there’s plenty more to DISTANT that’s not quite clear yet, and I can’t tell you how excited I am for this one to finally make it into gamers hands. There’s no set release date just yet, but we’ll be following this one like a hawk and let you know as more news breaks.