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The Bowmasters are Hitting the Road in Crazy Physics Racer ‘Happy Racing’

Playgendary first got on our radar back in August of last year when I found myself fully engrossed in their game Bowmasters ($0.99), which is a 2D artillery game with all the blood and gore of a Mortal Kombat game. Bowmasters has since received a ton of updates, including online multiplayer and lots of new characters. Now Playgendary is teaming up with ChillFleet to take many of the characters from Bowmasters into the world of wacky physics racing games with their upcoming Happy Racing. Here’s the trailer.

There appears to be a lot going on in terms of crazy track designs and deadly obstacles to survive, and of course a colorful cast of characters who also seem to each have their own individual vehicles to race in. I love these side-scrolling physics racers and I love the style and personality in Bowmasters, so this seems like a good match for a new game. No word yet on when exactly Happy Racing will be releasing but we’ll of course keep an eye out for more details.