‘Bowmasters’ Is Getting Online Multiplayer and New Characters in an Update Launching October 17th

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Two months ago, it would have been absurd to mutter Angry Birds and Mortal Kombat under the same breath, but then Bowmasters (Free) came along. With its extremely gory take on the projectile-firing genre that the aforementioned irate avians popularised, but has really been a mainstay on the App Store since its inception, Bowmasters defied its colorful and cartoony premise with a game that was as violent as it was fun. That being said, despite positive impressions from us, Bowmasters was the subject of a significant degree of criticism around its release, and one of the reasons was its lack of online multiplayer, as it only offered local pass-and-play multiplayer. However, Playgendary Games are looking to change this, and on October 17th will be releasing an update that features multiplayer through Game Center, as well as some other new additions.

In the upcoming update, as well as the online multiplayer mode, Bowmasters will receive some new characters, including an elf king, a crazy cat lady, and a selfie fanatic, to further add to the cast of eclectic characters that you can mercilessly murder in combat. However, another source of criticism for the initial release was the prevalence of bugs, glitches and crashes in the game, so hopefully these have been tackled in this newest update and won’t hamper the improvements brought along by online play. Bowmasters has a concept that is so perfectly fitted to multiplayer, so if such a mode is implemented well, I can’t help but feel that it will be anything other than a massive hit. Let us know your thoughts on Bowmasters, and whether this new update will hit the bullseye, on our forum thread.

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