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‘Cubie Adventure’ Looks Like an Interesting One-Touch Platformer

UNIT5 Studio has revealed their new game Cubie Adventure. It looks like an intersting take on the “tap to change directions" genre of game that’s been spreading with titles like Cliff Hopper (Free) and DROP NOT! (Free) However, this looks incredibly involved, as levels containa variety of actions that can be triggered through your various taps. As well, each character will have a particular skill of their own to deploy. Plus, there’s a bunch of pets that can run along with you. Gimme those cubic puppers, oh yeah.

Cubie Adventure will boast level-based play incorporating several different game modes, including races and boss fights. This looksrather interesting, nad if you want to try it out for yourself, the game has been soft launched in Australia and New Zealand. Check out our guide to downloading soft launch games if you haven’t done so already.