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‘Skullgirls’ Mobile Fighter is Soft-Launched in Canada and the Philippines

In July of last year, Hidden Variable Studios announced that they’d partnered up with Autumn Games to bring forth a mobile adaptation of the cult hit 2012 console fighting game Skullgirls. Known for its striking art style and incredibly fluid animations, this mobile Skullgirls would be eschewing the traditional button-based gameplay for something more touchscreen-friendly, but those wonderful visuals and animation looked to remain intact.

Then this past February, the developers of Skullgirls on mobile announced that they’d also be partnering up with Japanese juggernaut LINE Corporation to help distribute the game, and that a soft-launch would be happening this spring. In reality, Skullgirls quietly soft-launched in the Philippines App Store last November following its closed beta, but had not received any updates or expanded its soft-launch to additional regions since then. Well, that’s all changed as the soft-launched Skullgirls is now also available in Canada, and the soft launch was so low key that this change appears to have happened a few weeks ago. Better late than never!

I’m guessing that a larger chunk of our audience has access to a Canadian App Store account as opposed to a Philippines one, so this could be a great opportunity to take Skullgirls for an early spin. It’s also entirely possible the game is available in more than just these two regions, so if you find it somewhere else let us know in the comments below. I love fighting games in general and have also been pretty infatuated with several of these streamlined mobile fighters like Injustice (Free) and Marvel CoC (Free). After working my way just through the early portions of Skullgirls, I can already tell this will be one of my favorites. The fighting system is tight, the characters are awesome, and there’s even an interesting story to follow. Provided you’re a fan of mobile fighters and all the baggage they come with–internet requirements, gacha character unlocks, multiple currencies, and that sort of thing–I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how great Skullgirls is even in this unfinished form. If you wanna take the soft launch version for a spin you can use the link below, and to discuss more about Skullgirls be sure to visit the thread in our forums.

Soft Launch iTunes Link: Skullgirls, Free (Universal)