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‘Skullgirls’ Mobile Adaptation Enters Beta Test, Releasing Later This Year

Hidden Variable Studios and Autumn Games are bringing fighting game Skullgirls in a free-to-play mobile version, as announced at Anime Expo 2016 in Los Anageles. A straightforward mobile release would be…challenging, to say the least, so the plan is for the game to tackle more of the Injustice (Free) model of creating teams and sending them into battle against opponents’ teams. The game will of course feature the fantastic 2D, classic-cartoon-inspired artwork and animation that the fighting game is well known for, as the trailer shows off:

While it’ll be interesting to see how Skullgirls fans and the mobile audience at large takes to this one, it does look absolutely gorgeous. And the promise of combo customization sounds rather interesting. Hidden Variable is accepting signups for a beta test of the game on iOS and Android if you’re curious to help make this come to life before its release later this year.