Original ‘Bloo Kid’ Getting 12 New Levels Alongside 64-Bit Support Update

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One of my all-time favorite platformers on iOS is Bloo Kid 2 (Free) from Winterworks, and I’ve even gone as far as saying I think it could be the “Mario" of mobile games. Shaun enjoyed it a lot in his review and I even picked it as one of my personal best games of 2014. It’s that good! But that 2 behind its name means that it’s a sequel, and indeed that fantastic traditional side-scrolling platformer spawned from the more modest single-screen platformer Bloo Kid ($1.99) which launched back in 2011. I’m more of a traditional platformer guy but do enjoy the occasional single-screen platformer, and the original Bloo Kid is a good one and contains a whopping 84 levels to enjoy. With the 32-bit apocalypse coming, Winterworks has decided to update the original Bloo Kid to be 64-bit compatible, and while they’re at it they’ll be adding in another 12 new levels just for fun, bringing the total to 96.

I love seeing developers take care of their old titles like this, especially when it comes with additional content. If you enjoy platformers, both single-screen or side-scrolling, I can’t recommend the Bloo Kid games enough. There’s a free ad-supported version of the original which contains the whole game, just with ads. You can use that to check it out and then grab the paid version if you want an ad-free experience. Similarly, Bloo Kid 2 is initially free and contains ads between levels, which you can disable for a one-time IAP of $1.99. Both games have a tremendous amount of content and have been well-maintained over the years. Look for the new Bloo Kid update to hit sometime in the next month or so, and let’s all collectively cross our fingers that there’s a Bloo Kid 3 in the works.

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