‘Card Thief’ Update Brings iCloud Support and Useful Fixes

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The first update for Card Thief ($2.99) has hit, and it brings a feature I requested in my review: iCloud support. Now, the game will save your progress to the cloud automatically after winning a game or unlocking something, with a manual save in the options. You will be prompted on another device if there’s a more advanced save. I love me some Card Thief, but I have had significant progress on my iPhone that I couldn’t bother to use backdoor methods to transfer to my iPad, and this game is admittedly a big battery waster. So why not play it on the device that literally has a big battery to waste, I say? Now, I can play on my iPad without having to re-unlock things I already got on my iPhone. Thanks, Tinytouchtales!

A few other nice additions are hrere in 1.1, too. Statistics tracking has been added. The insignia drop rate is improved, so you’re more likely to get multiple insignias in a chest, and less likely to get a chest with no insignias at all. New players will now always start with the cloak, which was something a bit unclear in the original release that you had the cloak early on. Also, if you get into a situation where you can only make one move before losing, you can now take the additional move so that you don’t wind up in a state where the game is stuck and you have to quit to adavance. A few other bugs have been cleaned up as well. Check this game out, and if you haven’t, read our review!

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