‘Gangstar: New Orleans’ Hits the App Store

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After a lengthy soft launch, Gameloft’s Gangstar: New Orleans (Free) is now available in the US App Store. We had a fairly vibrant thread in our forums with loads of first impressions from the soft launch which were incredibly mixed. It’ll be interesting to see what improvements have been made from the original soft launched Philippines version. Also, the game itself is free to play, so be sure to have your expectations in check before diving in.

We’ve got a brand spankin’ new thread in our forums which likely will get packed with feedback on the actual official launch of the game pretty quickly. Personally, I’m curious to see how Gangstar: New Orleans does on the App Store, as the Gangstar games were an easy sell back in the day, but now that Rockstar has ported nearly every classic GTA game to the App Store as full, premium games, I’m not sure where that leaves Gangstar.

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