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‘Where Cards Fall’ Coming Fall 2017, New Trailer Looks Wonderful

The upcoming Where Cards Fall, developed by Alto’s Adventure Snowman and a new studio called The Game Band, continues to enchant in its newest trailer, and now we also have the release window; Fall 2017. If you haven’t been keeping an eye on our earlier coverage of the game, Where Cards Fall is a coming-of-age story where you experience a dreamlike journey through the lens of youthful uncertainty. The characters live in the suburbs, as you can see in the new trailer, but they often escape into the nearby woods where they get to discover who they are ni a very different manner from those who decide to stay in the safety of the homogenized suburbs. According to the developers, as the years go by, the suburban teenagers of the game have to make the difficult decision of either leading a comfortable life at home or daring to venture outside.

The game’s puzzles have a lot to do with the houses of cards – including resizing their interiors and exteriors. At the same time, you get to explore those structures, meet new characters, and uncover their secrets. Interestingly, the trailer above is the actual gameplay; you explore the game’s world by building houses of cards, and as you build them, they change the world around you. The house will be available for iOS and Apple TV, and will be available to play at some point this Fall.