Ring in the New Year with a Sweet Sale on the ‘Dragon Quest’ Games

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There was a time in the long ago when I wasn’t churning out daily sales posts. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. While we’re certainly living in a post-2016 Christmas sale world, it’s important that for some countries, New Year’s is an even bigger event than Christmas. Japan happens to be one of those countries, so I suppose it’s quite appropriate that one of the country’s most beloved series is having a big sale before everyone settles in for an evening of watching the same old singers singing the same old tunes. Every last Dragon Quest game released on iOS is on sale. I’m not going to say you must buy all of them, but you ought to buy all of them.

While I love all of them, I understand you might not want to throw down the dough for all of them at once. So with that said, if you like a good story, go for Dragon Quest 5. If you want a somewhat old-school game with lots of fun party-building options, Dragon Quest 3 is your friend. Dragon Quest 4 is a great choice for those who like memorable characters. If you want something visually impressive, Dragon Quest 8 is probably the best call, but with the proviso that the framerate in the mobile version is pretty choppy. They’re all good in their own ways, though, so if you’ve got a yearning for some classic JRPG joy, now is the proper time to indulge.


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