Get All of the ‘Air Supply’ Games for One Low Price in the ‘Air Supply Trilogy’ Bundle

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Developer Quantum Sheep has earned a strong following over the years in the TouchArcade forums thanks to a combination of making great games, his sensible love of tea, and being a friendly, fluffy sheep. While the developer has been working hard on a few projects for iOS, it’s been a little while since its last release on mobile. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing Sheep-related for you to put in your own stocking, friends. Quantum Sheep has put together and released a bundle containing all three Air Supply games for the low price of $1.99. Since Air Supply – SOS ($1.99) usually sells for $1.99 on its own, it’s like you’re getting the other two for free!

Aptly titled The Air Supply Trilogy ($1.99), this bundle contains Air Supply – 1bit Run ($0.99), Air Supply – Infinite ($0.99), and the aforementioned Air Supply – SOS, a trio of arcade-style games starring a hero named Spaceman Sam, each offering their own different gameplay mechanics but with one overarching requirement: don’t let your air supply run out.

Air Supply – 1bit Run is the oldest, and probably the most conventional game of the trio. It’s an endless runner where you have to hop and shoot your way across an alien landscape. It’s a little like Monster Dash (Free), but with tons of fun unlockables, some great chiptunes, and a Spectrum-inspired color palette. We didn’t review this one, but the forums had a pretty healthy thread for it that you can check out for some opinions.

Air Supply – Infinite is another endless running game, but this one has a pretty interesting twist to it. Rather than running along an endlessly scrolling landscape, you’re going around and around a single planet, hopping over the aliens that are running in the opposite direction. You’ll have to deal with ever-increasing speeds, unexpected obstacles, and of course, the constantly depleting air supply. Avoid taking a hit long enough, and you’ll earn a trophy and head to the next planet. As with the previous game, there are lots of unlockables here with regards to characters, color palettes, and music. We gave it a positive review, and it was a big hit in our forums, too.

Finally, Air Supply – SOS ditches the running aspect for a game more akin to Rare’s classic Jetpac. In each of the game’s 100 stages, you need to save all of the sheep and bring them back to your ship for a clean getaway. There are plenty of dangerous obstacles and adversaries, to say nothing of the fact that as usual, you need to keep an eye on how much air you have left. The key to this game is in mastering the unusual control set-up, where firing your guns thrusts you upwards. As you play, you’ll unlock special perks you can equip to help you move deeper into the game. This is the Air Supply game to play if you want to settle in for a while. Once again, we gave it a positive review, and the game fared quite well with the members of our forum as well.

So there you have it. You can get all three of those games for a ridiculously low price and see what the fuss in our forums was all about. I fired up each of them to refresh myself before writing this and ended up spending way more time playing them than I meant to. That’s about the best recommendation I can give games like these.


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