Air Supply - SOS (Save Our Sheep)

Quantum Sheep
*The Mothersheep needs your help!* The Time Travel Clothing Company is stealing wool from kidnapped Quantum Sheep! The M…
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*The Mothersheep needs your help!* The Time Travel Clothing Company is stealing wool from kidnapped Quantum Sheep! The Mothersheep is sending out an SOS to any hero willing to help - ’Save Our Sheep!’ Fly around with your jetpack rescuing sheep and putting them in your rocket! Aliens, UFOs, Bosses and a multitude of other hazards are out to stop you and don’t forget to keep an eye on your ever-dwindling Air Supply! Reviews: Touch Arcade, 4.5/5 - "A great bit of straight-forward, challenging action, stuffed with more content than you would expect...You'll want to pick this up and start counting sheep immediately." ArcadeLife, 9.1/10 - "SOS swaggers up like the best cover version of your favourite song and just demands to be played until either your thumbs or your battery are exhausted." PocketGamer, 8/10 - "A bright combination of retro arcade gameplay and modern flourishes, Air Supply - SOS will leave you gasping for more." iPhoneLife, 4.5/5 - "Air Supply – SOS is a sure bet for some quick gaming goodness, but don’t be surprised if you find it hard to put down." Thank you! \o/ * Over 20 awesome characters to unlock! * 10 Planets to play through - 100 levels in total! * 11 amazing retro music tracks by Yerzmyey - all made on actual ZX Spectrums * 10 monochrome colours (red, white, blue etc) plus new ‘Living Colour’ mode. * 16 perks - choose two to take into battle, including rocket, shield and air supply enhancements! * Rescue sheep to unlock special perks! * Collect stars, air and kills to unlock characters, music and colours! * Battle big UFOs and huge bosses! * Over 40 different alien enemies! * Bonus Space stages - fly your spaceship against UFOs and asteroids * Multiple options to customise the look and feel of the game! Over 11 million combinations! * Inspired by the classic retro game ‘Jetpac’ on the ZX Spectrum! * Wonderfully bereft of IAP or adverts! Twitter: Facebook: Youtube: *PSA* Tested on iPhone 4 and above, as well as the original iPad and above. Will work on iPod Touches 5 and above. Performance may vary depending on device.
Seller:Quantum Sheep
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Sep 25, 2014
Updated:Jan 19, 2017
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