Have a Merry Kemco Christmas with a Holiday Sale on 10 RPGs

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It used to be a sure thing that every Kemco game would go on sale several times a year for $0.99. That situation seems to have changed, likely because of their spreading out to PC and consoles along with the sheer volume of apps they have available already. They could discount as many as a dozen at a time several times a year and you’d still see some of their games only go on sale once a year or so. Now, whether you want every Kemco game is a whole other question, but if you do, it’s probably better to grab them when they do go on sale these days. With all that said, the prolific RPG publisher has 10 games on offer for their holiday sale this year, all priced down to $0.99.

Here’s the full list, with links to reviews where they exist:

“But Shaun," you say, “I don’t want to read all of your attempts at reviewing more than 60 extremely similar JRPGs without recycling huge chunks of text. Can’t you just give me the straight turkey right here?" Yes, FINE. I can do that. The best picks here are Fanatic Earth, Chronus Arc, and Alphadia Genesis. Illusion of L’Phalcia is okay, and the rest are pretty mediocre even by Kemco’s standards. Nothing outright awful, though that really depends on your tolerance for recycled tropes. At the very least, check out Fanatic Earth if you haven’t already. It’s a sci-fi buddy cop RPG, and the localization deserves at least three chefs kissing their fingers. It’s surely worth a buck, and it hasn’t been on sale this cheap for almost two years.

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